Another Super Sad True Love Story

**Sorry this is a little late. I published it to my own blog accidentally.**
While reading Super Sad True Love Story, I can’t help but identify with Eunice Park. Maybe it’s because as a young, heterosexual female also living in a very consumer driven generation, I find it easier to identify with a woman only five years my senior rather than a middle age man. Maybe it’s because as a member of society, I find it difficult to over look faults in the opposite sex, because it’s biologically ingrained in my DNA through generations of sexual selections to seek out flaws subconsciously in hopes that my offspring will “go forth and prosper”.

Yet, I believe that’s a main cause of Leonard and Eunice’s super sad true love story. Love isn’t a biological driving force of evolution. If anything, it’s a deterrent of the success of the human race. Love does have psychological importance in society as it lends itself to have a major impact on culture and it heavily facilitates sexual reproduction. But above all, love is blind, and blindness has a cost.

The attached video is of a spoken poem about a man who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Although it’s another super sad true love story, I can’t but find hope that society is able to look past one’s differences (given not for very long in this case) to love someone that may not be biologically “normal” or similar to the majority of the global population (the National Institute of Mental Health labels OCD as a mental disease potentially caused by brain activity concerning areas connected to emotions of fear and anxiety). So, don’t fret. Despite it’s lack of biological importance, society will continue to be full of super sad true love stories.



~ by valadevr on April 14, 2014.

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