On page 94, Perowne takes a look at Baxter and assumes that what he sees is all he needs to know.  “Here’s biological determinism in its purest form.  More than forty repeats of that one little codon, and you’re doomed.  Your future is fixed and easily foretold.”  When I read this passage, I thought to myself I can’t believe he’s doing this.  He takes one look at this person and pretends he knows his life. But, Perowne is like this in every aspect of his life.  His whole day is planned out perfectly from start to finish and Perowne constantly needs to be in control as opposed to Baxter who has Huntington’s and is physically “out of control.” 

When he is about to conduct Baxter’s surgery, Henry talks to his wife about Daisy’s pregnancy.  The reader then sees how Daisy was brought up in an unstable environment when her parents raised her while they were in graduate school.  This is when I can see that Henry can appreciate the intangible when he thinks of the love he shared with Rosalind when they had Daisy.  Of course, he made sure to mention that the domestic chores were split, and that everything about the living situation was equal, but there was a glimpse of a Henry whose life was not always in control. He asks his wife if Daisy thought about “termination.”  It makes his life feel like it’s coming full circle. 

It’s so easy to label Henry as a heartless man with no personality, but what is personality?  Why does his way of living, of seeing both sides of an issue, of rationalizing everything cause people to believe that he has no personality?  Is he less human because he does not accept ambiguity and can only see the tangible? 



~ by Saba Getaneh on March 30, 2014.

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