Ignorance is bliss

While watching the Island and I couldn’t help but think, “wow, they all seem so happy.”  The characters just had one job, which was to be able to harvest their organs in the weekly lottery when the time came.  If we all had only one concern, one thing to think about and not need to worry about anything else, would we be happy?

I feel that ignorance is one huge overarching theme of the plots of “The Island,” “Never Let Me Go,” and “A Brave New World.”  In “The Island,” the participants in the lottery system had no idea of the fact that they were clones and that all they were good for was harvesting their organs.  They didn’t realize that their individual lives were not of much significance to anyone but themselves.  In “Never Let Me Go,” Kathy was happily unaware of the fact that donations were slowly killing everyone around her.  In “A Brave New World,” it seemed that the lowest social class with limited intelligence were perfectly happy with the world around them because they were unaware that there was a greater life available.

This actually reminds me of how in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Russia this year, the version broadcasted in Russia did not have the Olympic ring malfunction, very similar to how the media was moderated in “The Island”

Saba Getaneh

~ by Saba Getaneh on February 9, 2014.

2 Responses to “Ignorance is bliss”

  1. Saba Getaneh

  2. I agree that ignorance is a huge part of the stories. I think a major issue that ignorance brings up is whether it is better to live a happy life through ignorance in a broken world or whether it is better to learn about the state of the world and have to continue to live on despite the problems. Sometimes, when problems are completely out of your control, maybe it’s better to not have to face them.

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