5000 dollars

In “Gattaca,” the one deleted scene that stood out to me the most was at the point of 5:30 in the video of the deleted scenes below “I can also attempt to insert sequences associated with enhanced mathematical or musical ability.” This series of sequences was worth a pretty penny of 5000 dollars.   Imagine if genius was just that easy.  What if all you needed to do was whip out a check, and your baby would be predisposed to be the brightest pupil, greatest musician, singer, or acrobat.  This line resonated with me because when I was younger, I gained the skill to play a saxophone.  I took lessons for years so I could improve.  If this sequence would give the children the ability to grasp concepts easily would be one thing, but what if children were given a purpose from the day they were born.

Another scene that stood out to me was when the Gene counselor was reassuring Vincent’s mom in the scene at 6:14 about the leftover embryos left on the petri dish.  “They are not babies, Marie…. Merely human possibilities…. smaller than a grain of sand.”  He said that they weren’t babies, but human possibilities.  This controversial scene reminds me of abortion for children who may have a high chance of having a disorder.  Where would the line be drawn? Poor eyesight, a bone condition, diabetes, down syndrome? Maybe it’s all in how we look at things through rose-colored glasses that makes us all believe that every imperfection should be celebrated, because we’re more than these imperfections and they don’t define us.

Saba Getaneh


~ by Saba Getaneh on January 19, 2014.

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