Strains on my Happiness Gene and My Late Last Post

I’m a pretty happy person. I’m usually quick with a joke,. I cheese it up in whatever picture is taken of me, and generally I’m just hard to get down. So in my personal opinion I’d be a potential carrier of Thomas Kurton’s happiness gene. However, I’m just not happy enough unfortunately. I do get down and especially late in a semester of good ol’ hard work, late nights, and seeing way to many sunrises. So here are the discoveries I have made that constrain my happiness gene.

1. My genetic predisposition for slow reading. The base pairs that encourage my eyes to dart across pages of text while absorbing every deep meaning that can be found in the words of literary works are just not there in my case. Or maybe I have some mutation. Who knows, but either way I’m a very slow reader as made obvious by such works as Brave New World and Oryx and Crake. The discovery of my genetic lacking in this area definitely hurt my happiness genes.

2. Dystopian Novels- I think most people feel the pressure of this category on their happiness gene but I got to a point where it was tough to soldier on in my daily life when I knew the world I got home was just desperate to spin out of control in a society of creatures or clones or chickinobs.

3. Cloud Atlas.

4. My lack of heredity in terms of literary analysis. I don’t completely blame you parents, though Dad I did see that D on your transcript was in English. I am also partly to blame for my lack of experience in upper level classes, but not having inherited an expertise in literature definitely knocked my happiness gene down a few pegs on MWF.

However, I can’t be all that much of a pessimist and must enumerate the reasons I am confident that I am in fact a carrier of the happiness gene.

1. Entertaining Ethics- I never sat in on so many amazing discussions which dove into the toughest questions that ground breaking science promote. I learned so much from our class talks on genetic engineering, cloning, and the future of genetic research. I also learned a lot about my own opinions on such issues.

2. Multimedia- Paper. Test. Paper. This has been my life for the past few semesters prior to entering 243 where, woah, we were writing blogs and making use of real world tools. It was truly a fresh experience.

3. Class Projects- First, I was able to make a functioning website out of a fresh idea. I wish I could hang my laptop on my refrigerator because it is work that I am very proud of. Second, by seeing all the projects everything we have sifted through this semester came back, and I realized that the knowledge I acquired in this class was not just something that entered one ear and out the other.

So do I have the happiness gene or not, I am still not sure. That is for others to judge and me to not worry about, but I can say that adding English 243 to my class cart did not hurt my opinion that I possess such a gene.


~ by aldymane on April 23, 2012.

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