Creepy Crake

I have to be honest, I haven’t liked much of what we’ve read in this class.

I’m rather picky, I’ve come to realize.

So I assumed Oryx and Crake would be much of the same of what we’ve read before and I’d either strongly dislike it or I’d just have general indifference towards it.

But, surprise!

I can’t say that I love it, but it’s one of those reads that I can highly appreciate. It’s certainly one of the most innovative plot creations I’ve come across. If I ever was bored with the typical dystopian novel, this most definitely switched things up. I think it’s the way Atwood managed to create a shocking, grotesque future that still feels very close to home. It’s not too distant, and it’s just realistic enough to be creepy. The descriptions of Crake and Jimmy smoking “skunkweed” and watching executions and child porn – it’s a very manipulated version of typical American teenage boys. She’s subtly humorous, poking fun at our culture and maintaining a recognizable modern banter, yet it’s all still extremely disgusting. 

I found the most respect for Atwood in her character of Crake. He’s probably one of the most successful characters I’ve read. Successful in that she achieves everything that she’s trying to portray in writing him. I read a little background, and he’s supposed to resemble Glenn Gould, the famous pianist with Asperger’s. Again, Crake is somewhat familiar – I think we all know that eerily and fascinatingly intelligent person who just doesn’t some to be on the same plane as anyone else – yet she takes him to whole other universe. He’s a mad scientist, a boy with a common mental disorder given far too many resources and power, in an world where morals have fallen far behind.

– Erin A.


~ by eandrews2092 on March 27, 2012.

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