I don’t know what happened

I am so sorry everyone. I just visited the blog for the first time since before spring break and just found that something must’ve went wrong in posting. I didn’t noticed. I apologize.

What’s funny is I don’t know what happened could have easily been the title for the post that should have gone up a week ago because I was pretty confused by what was going on with Cloud Atlas. I nearly skipped back and forth reading the six stories as novellas rather than trudging through the style of the book. What was going on, I had no clue. We discussed reincarnation in class which made some sense; however it would have made more sense if the novel had only traveled forward in time. Reincarnation is very interesting in Cloud Atlas as we see the protagonists with striking similarities facing the same issues also reincarnated in different time periods. Though, I don’t like this school of thought when we work back from Sloosha to Adam Ewing.

I prefer the Russian doll theory on the style of this novel. This structure functions to have each story encased in others while also having disruptions. You can put an entire Russian doll together, but only after you disrupt the base with many different steps. This functions in the novel to continuously expand on the ideas of violence and racism. They are brought up in Ewing, disrupted, and brought up again. This works to the core story of Sloosha’s crossing where the heart of the themes lie. From there all the other stories can then be completed. It is a very interesting way of writing that slowed me down, but that I ended up enjoying. 

Once again I apologize. this post is likely very sloppy, but please excuse it as I was rather thrown off by the surprise of my original thoughts disappearing.



~ by aldymane on March 15, 2012.

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