So I don’t like Cloud Atlas…

I’m going to be the crazy person and say I don’t really like Cloud Atlas.


But actually, I should also say I haven’t finished it yet. There is room for me to magically change my mind, I suppose. Although hearing everyone’s exclamations of how indescriabbly wonderful it is, I just don’t believe I’m ever going to feel that way. I enjoy innovative structure, but I also like building a strong connection with a character. And I found no interest in Adam Ewing, then Frobisher annoyed me. Luisa Rey was pompous but her story was intriguing. I dunno, maybe I’m just picky.

I’ll say, though, that I’m beginning to see the real intention behind all of our readings. At first it was just straight up science fiction – clones and dystopias and all that – and then even when we moved on to Darwin I was a bit lost to where this all fit in. But as we explore genetics we’re truly exploring humankind; literally and figuratively. This was made particularly clear to me when the connection between structure of the novel was linked to the evolution and reincarnation. 

I guess all in all I can at least respect this book. It obviously is well written and powerful enough to inspire and delight the majority who reads it. I like the fact that it’s not solely a work of one concept, though I think that all the symbolism and themes dumped into is another reason for my distaste. It’s open, though. Open for anyone to find anything in it and run with it. That’s probably the appeal. 


– E.A.




~ by eandrews2092 on March 3, 2012.

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