Christmas Chimera

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas

Is a pet that’s perfect, as perfect as this…

He needs to be fierce, happy, and sweet

Oh! He should fly and talk like a parakeet

He should be playful but big like a bear

Mom hates things that shed; so leave out the hair

Fast like a cheetah, smart like a chimp.

Protective like a guard dog; don’t send me a wimp!

But, I don’t know an animal that is all of these things

That can run and play but also has wings

Since this creature doesn’t exist yet,

Could maybe your elves build me this pet?


Tommy Moreau

Hey guys! I hope you like my poem. It’s a little out of season, but to kids, Christmas is year-round. After reading The Island of Dr. Moreau, I was more interested in Moreau’s character than in the ethics of his island experiments. I could only imagine this is the kinda thing Moreau would have asked Santa for when he was growing up. Let’s all be honest; if we could have a dog that could fly…and that we could also ride, that’d be pretty awesome wouldn’t it? Remember how excited you were the Nintendo 64 came out? Yeah, imagine getting pegasus dog under the tree.

Now if the thing were human-like, that’d be even cooler right? I mean, we anamorphize our animals all the time–like in cartoons. We like to think that our pets are saying things back to us, and that they try to communicate to us.  If we had a human-like pet, now, he could truly be our best friend right? So, is that concept really that frightening?

Now, I will leave you all with my favorite Chimera…

THE GRIFFIN….    he is a beast after all


~ by leviathan on February 25, 2012.

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