Slave New World

To me, the scariest aspect of Brave New World is the nature of how the majority of people feel about the arts. I feel John the Savage’s pain. As someone who appreciates the arts ; as someone who appreciates Shakespeare, that world frightens me. I read somewhere, in comparison to 1984 and Brave New World, that 1984 creates a world where books are banned; however, Brave New World goes one step further and creates a world where books don’t matter because no one wants to read them. Not only as a fan of the fine arts does that scare me, but it scares me as an aspiring writer. Story telling has always had a place in this world, and it’s something I hope never dies.

I guess I could still write feelies, though I highly doubt the experience is the same. This fear brings me to my main point. Everything in the world of Brave New World is built around instant pleasure. In other dystopian novels, humanity are slaves to some form of externality. In Brave New World, however, the problem of oppression, I think, is on more of an intimate and personal level. Instead of just being controlled by an external force, people are controlled by their own desires. Instant gratification is the most important attainment during one’s life. No one has a mind for patience. With patience, there is a much bigger payoff. With instant gratification, there is certainly more payoffs. It’s a debate about quantity vs. quality; I’d rather have the greatest high than the most minor highs.

As a reader, there is so much pleasure in unraveling the unknown. I think it’s the most important part of taking in a story–the discovery of what is coming next. As a movie viewer, I don’t want every secret revealed to me right away. The pleasure derives from the mystery. Feelies, then, are much more than just futuristic 3-D or Imax films. They provide a stimulus for all senses, allowing the viewer (feeler, smeller…) to really experience what they’re viewing (feeling, smelling…).  While I do wanna get swept away in the story, I don’t want experience every aspect of the story. Because, for me, another part of the pleasure is the imagining. Imagination is neither all in or all out. Imagination allows me to put my on spin on things. Knowing what every thing is really like actually ruins the experience for me.





~ by leviathan on January 31, 2012.

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