Poking around the Internet on genetic disorders, I came across – the US government’s website on their genetic research and work.  Turns out that April 23, 2010 was “National Gene Day” and we totally missed it… regardless, the website provides an intriguing look into genetic research.  It provides informational pages on different genetic disorders, including achondroplasia. Extremely informational, the website provides simple explanations, diagnosis, treatment, inheritance rates and other facts and statistics.

Especially amazing is the “Guide to the Genome” publication they released with information regarding the Human Genome Project, which I’ve attached here.  GuidetoYourGenome07.  I wish I would have had this guide at the beginning of the semester to better understand the human gene… but all kidding aside this is a really useful site for both those versed in genetics and those who require an easier read.

They have a very interesting tab called “Issues in Genetics” which posts articles regarding ethical decisions made when researching different genetic traits.  I found the area talking about genetic discrimination most interesting.  Although we didn’t talk about it much in class, possible discrimination when it comes to insurance, employment, or other areas of life is a common reason to oppose genetic research. If it is uncovered that you have a specific genetic tendency towards, say, heart disease, then you are probably less likely to receive fair health insurance or a job.  The website helpfully links a lot of legislation, making it easy to find what you’re looking for anything genetic related.  There’s even a post about Fragile X!

Stephanie Mills

~ by vandysteph on April 26, 2010.

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