Genetic Matching, brought to you by Numan, Inc.

Check out the first video in Numan, Inc.’s latest viral video internet advertising campaign.

Courtesy of relatively recent advancements in genetic testing through simple DNA samples, humans now have the ability to choose partners with whom they are genetically guaranteed to produce children who are far superior to what the parents could have produced by traditional courting and mating practices of ages past.

See what Numan, Inc. can provide for you.

For more information, email us at

Numan, it’s better than human.

(p.s. — Every person’s name used in the video has some sort of relevance or significance.)

— Justin Barisich and Laura Young


~ by justin.barisich on April 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Genetic Matching, brought to you by Numan, Inc.”

  1. What is the significance of all the names in the video? It would be cool if you could explain them! No worries though if you don’t have time to type them all out. Great work guys.. this was so creative, and your presentation was excellent! Very convincing :)

  2. What type of follow-up does your company have with these numans? Do you play any role after the genetic “matchmaking?” Great presentation! Very interesting concept, and creative idea of a “numan” vs. a human!

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