Brush your teeth.

I am not an English major. I have a hard time reading a book and discovering beautifully themes weaved into an intricate plot – I am mostly only able to just get what’s going on. So, when I was able to pick up on the fact that Zadie Smith has a great theme of teeth going on, and that was a prompt, I was pumped because that’s one of the (very) few themes that I’ve picked up on independently.

In this story centered around varying cultures, inheritance, characters, races, white teeth are a constant feature among all these people. I think this is such a lovely theme and one that I have great respect for Smith coming up with. I never thought of that before; with so many features on the human race that are different colors, why not teeth? Hair: red, yellow, brown, black. Skin:  an extensive spectrum of all sorts of colors. Teeth? White. Well, yellow with proper lack of brushing. But originally white.


I also love the fact that the most interesting… no, eclectic… no, drawing (that’s it) character, Clara, has the most drawing teeth situation going on. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen somebody with missing teeth, but it sure is drawing: you find yourself stealing looks at them while they talk. Clara similarly draws you in between her attracting personality, antics or relationships. That parallel is significant for me and I throughly enjoy seeing it being confirmed throughout the book thus far.


Lastly, I was going to write on infidelity originally. I was looking for a picture and I loved this one I found and wanted to share it.

– Maggie D.

Incidental Chimeras

~ by insomniac on April 16, 2010.

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