Welcome to the “Freak” Show

We all still watch “freak” shows today.

I bet that everyone has seen the documentary on the “Tree Man”. If not, here it is.


This is a real-life “freak show”. After every viewing, I am simply fascinated. These stories are not fake like some; they are actual people with disorders. To know that the human body is capable of these kinds of mutations leaves me shocked. Fortunately, today, we try to help fix their abnormality and allow them to live a normal life. For the famous “Tree Man”, after nine months of surgery, pills and recovery, he is able to go through his day doing simple things like putting a shirt on or scratching his nose.


I remember my first time I saw a deformity. It was in a small cabin in a jar. They were Siamese pigs that reeked of lab materials.

You can’t help but stop and examine such an oddity. This is what Benedict describes in Mendel’s Dwarf. He is used to all of the stares that comes with his disorder. As I’m sure that “Tree Man” and these pigs are used to as well. It will always be out-of-the-ordinary and most will give it a second look. I do not believe these are looks of disrespect, but of simple curiosity and fascination.

This is why we still watch “freak” shows today.



~ by katherinennelson on April 11, 2010.

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