Midgets Are Hilarious

Midgets are funny looking, its an undeniable fact. Despite what is the politically correct thing to say or think, they are funny. We discussed that humor derives from hatred; I’ve never felt a hatred towards little people, but just can’t take them seriously. If they weren’t funny, then there wouldn’t be such a fascination with midgets, or if there wasn’t such a fascination with midgets, they wouldn’t be funny; either way, little people are funny. From freak shows, the Wizard of Oz munchkins, to Oompa Loompas, to the people on Jerry Springer, media has exploited little people for their humorous appearance.

Mendel’s Dwarf, and the story of Benedict, highlights a darker side of being born small. However, in some respects, through growing up with discrimination, sometimes developing a keen sense of humor can be a better coping mechanism than anger. They have been exploited for years; P.T. Barnum helped popularize the term, “midget,” with his famous circus act featuring General Tom Thumb, and since then circus and freak shows have used midgets in their acts with success. We discussed the other day that people are fascinated by midgets because they feel better in comparison. However, I think its much more natural reaction to be entertained by the exploits of little people, rather then being saddened, is because they almost feel like another species. While this is a ridiculous notion, there is something to be said about our subconscious curiosity with little people.

-Robert Jeter

~ by Robert Jeter on April 11, 2010.

One Response to “Midgets Are Hilarious”

  1. I wish I would have been more brash in my own commentary on our reactions to little people after reading your blog. Something I think that is important to think about in this subconscious reaction is what role little people play in enforcing and making this reaction OK. They often take these roles that they know will portray them as comical and amusing, and in a sense, they don’t seem to mind these reactions that are made in response to their exploits. Perhaps they realize that it is a natural reaction that is part of being human.

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