Dwarfs aren’t FREAKY

Dwarfism is a difficult subject to discuss or even understand for  individuals. Many individuals are “awed” by the shortness of these humans. This is obvious by the modern television shows that highlight the lives of dwarfs. Personally, I cannot understand the “funny” aspect of dwarfs. Yes, they are shorter than every other human being, but that doesn’t give us any right to judge or disrespect them. I think Professor Clayton made a great point to consider, we have never been scrutinized the way dwarfs have been their entire lives. And therefore, it is difficult to cast judgment upon these individuals.

In discussing dwarfs, I could not help but remember the Jerry Springer episode I accidentally stumbled upon in high school with fighting dwarfs. At first, yes it looks funny, however, I was amazed at how quickly I changed the channel after a few seconds. Even in high school, I thought it was so terrible and sad that people were laughing at dwarfism. But those in the audience loved every second of the dwarf fight. And I just cannot understand why! I can’t imagine paying money to attend a show where these humans are mocked for hours. This seems cruel and extremely disrespectful to me.

I think that society has totally abused the “mystery” of dwarfism. If you have ever personally grown up around a dwarf or known a dwarf, dwarfism is not funny. Yes, everyone takes a double look at a dwarf walking down the street because we are used to average human height. But once you realize that dwarfs have feelings and emotions just like every other human, it is no longer comical.

Dwarfs have just as many emotions and feelings as any other human being. And I think it is important to try and imagine yourself in their position. Even the fact that we have to categorize dwarfs because of their physical image is sad and unfair. I can’t even imagine the scrutiny and teasing they must deal with on a daily basis, especially in a society that focuses primarily on outward, physical appearances as a judging device. (LL)

"The Little Couple"


~ by frumll on April 11, 2010.

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