The Howling Blues in Saturday

As an avid blues fan and a student who took an amazing class on Blues with Professor Fry (take it!) I found the use of blues in the plot of Saturday intriguing. Initially I was interested in how two parents of extremely traditional professions, a Doctor and Lawyer, had fostered two expressive artists. I was unable to come to a conclusion here, other than perhaps watching the strain of their parents professions had encourage the children to pursue another path. Its also unique culturally that the British son is playing blues, Blues is a distinctively American genre, but because the musicians who play Blues are primarily African Americans, many went to England to perform in the fifties and sixties, to escape discrimination. Blues, very simply put, is centered on relaying emotion through simple lyrics, and a response from the guitar. Theo is obviously a talented blues musician, because he is able to draw out an intense emotional response from his father, who is reluctant to feel deeply. Specifically, I find the reference to Cream appropriate, as they were extremely successful white British Blues band from the sixties, and they were influenced directly by the Black American blues musicians in England, and were even covering earlier Blues musician’s songs. Cream was also an interesting choice because a year prior to when the book was published, they played a landmark reunion show in London. Check out this live cream performance for peculiar clothing choices, early Clapton, and fantastic Blues.

-Hannah Fasick


~ by hannahfiasco on April 2, 2010.

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