Modeling Perfection

The ideal man in 30 years according to Google.

Yes, ladies, after successfully genetically engineering the “perfect” man, the hunk on the right has reached perfection.  After three attempts, as modeled by the two other men, he is now ours.

With the significantly smaller head in comparison to his body, he is no longer full of himself and does not assume his smarts are superior to women. He still, however, can wear those precious knit winter caps his mom makes him.

Now, on to his body. First off, can I just say that we will no longer be self-conscious about our thighs? That’s what I thought. But those arms really win us over. They can sweep us off our feet with no effort at all. His still-petite hands can wrap us in a warm hug. Those abs are perfect for a day at the beach. I’m sure his work out techniques would sure whip us women into shape.

I hope you realize by now that I am being sarcastic.

Genetically engineered humans, to me, are these abnormal freakish creatures that we somehow classify as “ideal”. Our imperfections make us, simply, us. I know I can over-stress about the small things, my ankles are on the slightly thick side, I am in no way a morning person and my baking skills are less than adequate.

In modifying myself, all my unique imperfections would be erased. I don’t believe this is what I or the rest of the world wants. Upon reading Nancy Kress’s “Beggar’s in Spain”, you’ll realize this as well.

I know “Google’s perfect man” is not what we want.


~ by katherinennelson on April 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Modeling Perfection”

  1. Oh my word, I think I might be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. In fact, I might have just thrown up a little bit. In addition to your comment, have you seen the “perfect women” ( picture that came out a few months ago? I wonder if this is what our women will strive to be when they stand next to your hunk of a man in a few years. They’d be the perfect couple:D


  2. Wow! I guess the first thing that comes to mind after seeing that picture is: is that really perfection? Who considers that perfect? I think different attributes are more important to different people. And you’re right, our imperfections are what make us unique. Why try to fit into 1 mold?

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