Cloning and Teleportation

It is rather interesting that something that is generally regarded as a common misconception in cloning, is, to an extent, not entirely true. This issue is approached in article “The Science of Ethics and Cloning: A Pop-Culture Perspective”,  namely the issue of the growth of clones.

Although the article is correct in stating that genetic clones will not age faster than their counterparts, this only applies to clones resulting from the physical transfer of the nucleus of an adult cell to a cell that contains no nucleus. However, there is another theoretical way of cloning someone that is commonly ignored, not only because it hasn’t been successfully carried out on a living animal, but because it is generally linked with teleportation and involves the destruction of the original subject.

The concept of Quantum Teleportation is based on the observed phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement. This phenomenon involves the entanglement of two photons, separated by a theoretically infinite space, that have the ability to transfer the change in the quantum state of one photon to that of the other. There is, however, a slight problem in executing this with only two entangled photons. Let’s assume that photon B is entangled with photon C. If we were to measure the quantum state of photon B, the act of measuring its quantum state would change its quantum state to Bm ; in other words, photon C would equal Bm and not B, but we would only know the quantum state of B. This problem can be overcome by simply introducing another photon A. Instead of measuring photon B directly, one can measure photon B relative to photon A, which then allows one to know the quantum state of C relative to A, since B and C are entangled. Once this is known, photon C can be manipulated such that its quantum state is equal to A. This will then cause a disruption in the states of A and B. In other words, the quantum states of A can successfully transferred to C, but at the cost of changing the states of both A and B.

This idea is represented a bit better in the following video:

This can be theoretically extrapolated to a much larger scale to teleport humans. However, the process would involve the transfer of the quantum state of all the particles in a human from one position to another, in other words, a clone of the original human would be created at a different location at the expense of destroying the original subject.

In this example, the theoretical clone would have the same atomic structure as the original subject. Unfortunately, this technology would not be particularly useful for cloning since the original subject would be destroyed, nevertheless it could theoretically yield a clone that would be the same age as the original subject.

Further information on quantum entanglement, and related subjects is widely available on Wikipedia:

Quantum Entanglement



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