Perfect from the Outside

The world composed of pre-designed Crakers appears to be too perfect in my personal opinion. This perfection seems almost eerie in a sense. While reflecting on their perfect world, I couldn’t help but think that their community resembles the perfection in the biblical Garden of Eden and the movie Pleasantville. In my Bible Literature class, we are currently reading Paradise Lost and perhaps my connection with the Crakeres and the Garden of Eden is a result of this coincidence. However, I do not think this connection is inappropriate, considering all the plants, animals and ornate description of the Garden of Eden and the perfect world similarly composed of Crakers. These two are related because both on the outside looking in appear perfect, however, in reality, both the outcome of “fall of man” in the biblical account and the Crakers are deeply flawed.

And in relation to Pleasantville, this movie crept me out because yet again, the world was too perfect and “flat” for a lack of better description. In the beginning of the movie, everything is black and white, the characters are perfect and no one makes mistakes. However, color starts appearing as they become aware of their faults. As discussed in class, both Pleasantville characters and the Crakers I think represent “flat” characters. Characters that lack any “interiority,” they are purely one-dimensional characters that are programmed too similarly and therefore develop within a perfect world.

If I were to design my own world of Crakers, I would alleviate this perfection. I like, as humans, that we are unique in appearance, genetic structure, personality types, intelligence. This uniqueness adds quality and depth to our existences. I don’t think that I would be able to successfully develop beings that are all the same. I think the idea of “sameness” is weird. Just like in Never Let Me Go and Brave New World, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea of clones and genetically created individuals. I suppose it is hard for me to relate since we don’t live in a world composed of clones. And since I have no experience in a world of perfect, modified beings, I can’t successfully relate.

However, I do like Atwood’s creation of polite, kind, non-violent Crakers. I think these personality attribute successfully develop a community of caring, compassionate individuals. These attributes would alleviate any hurt and pain in the world among individuals. But, if I were designing Crakers I would remove any physical commonalities, such as their citrus scent. Again, the importance of physical individuality is a large component to defining individuals, and without that individuation, a community is bland and “flat.”

Although the Garden of Eden and Pleasantville represent mere “perfect” communities, I think it is important to remove some sense of hurt, pain, and human faults, which is physically impossible for humans. However, with too much perfection, there’s little variation among individuals. I think a community of Crakers needs some physical individuality, just like human beings. Because in a world lacking any color, like Pleasantville, or any variation like the Crakers, life is obsolete and dull.


~ by frumll on March 21, 2010.

One Response to “Perfect from the Outside”

  1. I think you are right: variety is the spice of life. However, I can’t help but think about society and societal pressures. Sometimes it seems society is trying to fit us into some sort of mold, and get rid of our individuality.

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