My Dystopia

Consider the following a teaser of the novel which I will publish 10 years from now…

Paxia- the last city, or so its inhabitants believe.  Many years after the Final Rapture, this civilization lives in isolation, surrounded by a great wall.  The city is guided by a council, a group of nine who are ‘randomly’ chosen from among the citizens every five years (this lottery system is, of course, rigged and the members are actually chosen by one former council member who selects the citizens he can trust to enforce his regime).  Technology is advanced and the city maintains fields which produce genetically modified fruits and vegetables which supply all the nutrition the city needs (Just like the Crakers, they are all vegetarian).  They have a public transportation system which is more like a monorail.  Habitation units and public spaces have controlled temperatures and light levels.

One of Paxia’s dictums is “Populus Equus”.  There is no social stratification.  Everyone is on the same level as anyone else and there is little to no competition.   Children are educated in the same three schools, no grades are awarded, and children who struggle are not ostracized.  The children are socialized to see one another as equals.  When a classmate is struggling to learn something, both the teacher and the students aid that child until he or she understands.  Math and science are the only subjects taught in school (No English or rhetoric courses which might teach children to think independently).  Games are never about winners or losers, but about teamwork and unity as a group.

Living Partners are assigned (but based on compatibility) and the number of children is predetermined by the council.  Living units may vary by location or design, but, in essence, are identical.

Some students are assigned permanent jobs which suit their specific skills/talents (Agricultural engineers, technology administrators, teachers, etc.) Others rotate positions (janitors, monorail captains, clerks) unless technology has advanced to the stage at which these positions are superfluous.  Salaries are identical.  Choice among the citizens is very limited; they can decide what to wear during the day, what food to eat, and how to spend their money.  However, the market operates in such a way that there is a price ceiling on everything.  Nobody sells extravagant items that might promote an idea of social superiority.

No Art.  No Religion.

Welcome to my Dystopia.

~ by younglj2 on March 21, 2010.

One Response to “My Dystopia”

  1. I would say there is some social stratification. The council members. As they have more “free will” over the rest of the people.

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