Ethics of Research

I didn’t think that the ethics displayed in the Double Helix were very unethical. It is a very complex world in which we place our scientists; therefore I don’t think that they should be criticized for trying beat everyone else at the research that they spent such a long time doing. I don’t think that by not being nice to the other researchers or by trying to do their best to discover the double helix, they broke any rules or did anything actually unethical. Research should be thought of as a race in which only the first place matters and as long researchers follow certain standards of conduct that everyone agrees to, then they shouldn’t have to worry about the ethics of anything. I fee like every time you try to mix in ethics into a work place, they end up complicating everything. All of us have different points of view and different moral backgrounds, so instead of fighting about what is just or unjust or what is fair and what isn’t, we should concentrate on the research and the rules that have been placed on it. I’m sure that there are plenty of rules that must be followed, but the most important should be to work your hardest on your research. Other than that, just make sure you don’t break any research rules and forget about everything else.

There is a clear difference between being ethical or just following the laws of research ethics. As long as those laws are followed, ethics shouldn't really matter.


~ by Tennant on March 21, 2010.

One Response to “Ethics of Research”

  1. I agree, I don’t think Watson was unethical. No one sabotaged anyone’s work. Credit was given where it was due.

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