What a Funnie World It Would Be

When I first began to think about how I would create my own species of the Crakers, I thought that, of course, my design would be made to perfection. Then I got to thinking. What is a world of perfection? No ideals, no motivation, no individuality.

So, I thought of my childhood entertainer, Doug Funnie.

His world is full of blue, purple, and peach people. The peculiar sister, the overly sympathetic mom and the hard-working dad make up the Funnie family. The welcoming neighbor and the perfect burger joint are in close proximity to his hometown, Bluffington.

Doug Funnie’s life seemed pretty perfect to me; especially due to the life lesson’s in every episode.

In relation to Doug Funnie’s character, I would model my Craker population off of his looks. Yes, he is starting to bald already; and yes, he is only in grade school. His friends are differing shades of blue, purple and peach. But, oddly, no one cares. Since it is a Nickelodeon show, it makes sense that there is no discrimination. With the simple solution to eliminate races, we would essentially put individuality to rest. I, personally, think that is not ideal. My multi-colored species would suffice.

And now onto intelligence. If my species were brilliant, everyone would be stuck in a monotonous work ethic. I believe there has to be the mediocre and the extraordinary student. There would be no motivation to be better or to work your way up. In order to improve, we need competition.

There would be no competition in love. Doug and all of his caricature friends show brotherly and romantic love. It is, however, not forced but natural and accepted. There are constantly drawn in hearts above the heads of the characters to resemble this.

Looking back at my analysis of a cartoon show, I am amazed that all of the qualities I would want my own species to possess are in a fictional character and a fictional world.

In Oryx and Crake, the fictional character and world simply seems too perfect. And, to be honest, their characteristics flat out strange; their constant citrus scent, their urine repellent, and their flawless appearances. Sometimes all you need is simplicity.

This is why I’ve come to my conclusion. The world just needs more Doug Funnies. What a Funnie world it would be.


~ by katherinennelson on March 19, 2010.

One Response to “What a Funnie World It Would Be”

  1. I loved this. I agree – Doug is a pretty perfect world, but without the boredom and eeriness that accompanies the Crakers. There is just enough conflict to make life interesting, but the worst that can happen is that you mix up the tapes at the music video recording studio and have to send your dog into a girls-only slumber party to retrieve the video and save yourself from humiliation. Good choice.

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