My Breed of Crakers — Lynners

In Oryx and Crake, the Crakers are idealistic humans. Their bodies are slender and perfect. They are placid, complacent, and always curious to learn. Oddly, they smell like citrus fruit so that they don’t attract mosquitoes. These traits and all of their other traits were selected by Crake in order to create the perfect species. Some of the traits he selected are important, though I think the Crakers were too freakishly clone-like for my liking, kind of like models. Snowman can’t even tell the women apart, because they look so much alike, similar to how I feel when looking at this picture.

If I were to create my own species like the Crakers, called the Lynners, they would have the following traits:

1. The genes that express physical appearance would not be changed. I believe that variety is the spice of life! Who wants to look at a group of people that have the same bodies anyway? Being different is what makes us interesting. Though, I do feel that removing genetic tendencies for obesity would probably be removed, because being overweight is something I think humanity should live without, since it is pointless.

2. They would all be intelligent and thoughtful and curious to know everything, kind of like the Crakers but less obsessed with memorizing every word of every story. They would also innately understand older technology so that they wouldn’t question every little word of every story. If the Lynners were all smart, both in common sense and in education, the world would be a better place. No more bad drivers! No more cigarette smokers! Everyone making good decisions! Yay!

3. The Lynners would smell like citrus fruit, just like the Crakers! Being that I am one of those people who are mosquito magnets, the idea of being unattractive to mosquitoes sounds like a dream come true. The Lynners should be able to go outside during the warmer months and not get immediately covered in blood-sucking bugs like I do.

-Lynne M.

~ by peacelovecake on March 19, 2010.

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