Morphing of Hybrids

Science has apparently evolved from natural selection to unnatural selection. Darwin’s theory no long applies in new-age chimeras. Adaption is no longer relevant; natural inherited traits will no longer be passed to offspring; chance of successful reproduction is slim to none.

Recently, my mom told me my future goals, as a child, were to become a veterinarian, a firefighter or a dog—a dog being the ultimate goal.

Here I am achieving my ultimate goal.

Needless to say, this is no longer my ambition– especially upon reflecting this image. All I see in myself, behind that abnormally large grin, is unhappiness and rejection. Not to mention, it is simply hideous. It is not normal for me to have those faint doggy-ears and definitely not that wet dog nose.

Science, however, assumes otherwise. Some strongly believe that chimeras can possibly help disease and organ mutations. By injecting human blood in pigs or to put a pig’s heart into a human being, I believe, will cause chaos and confusion of these mutated species. Yes, maybe it will give them a few more years of life, but is that worth the suffering of the supporting animal donor? Just because they cannot speak our language does not mean that they cannot feel the pain or abnormalities we are intentionally inflicting on them.

Injecting Human DNA into a Pig Cell

Scientists need to go on and see themselves morphed with their animal of choice. I’ve experienced it, as you have as well, and I can’t say I recommend the blending of humans and animals. Regardless of the fact that this was my number-one goal in life at one point in time, I am currently not a strong advocate.

It is simply a matter of unnatural selection and bizarre mutations that is unnecessary. I’m not sure if Darwin would be happy about these chimeras being created and disturbing natural processes. I know he’s not the only unhappy one.



~ by katherinennelson on March 2, 2010.

One Response to “Morphing of Hybrids”

  1. Most “chimeras” in research today are indistinguishable from the host species. Your statement about using animal valves is more of a question of whether or not you support animals being used for research purposes. A lot of drugs and other therapeutic measures are first tested in animals before they are marketable to the public. The mixed species organism is much more a figment of the media’s imagination.

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