How much would you pay???

First watch this video!

This couple loved their dog SO much they had Lancelot cloned – for the steep price of $155,000. Perhaps the most interesting point of this video is the comments below that explore the moral and ethical qualities that cloning this dog have.  In the video they talk about the dog looking and walking just as their own dog did, and how so far the dog seems to have the same disposition as the original dog.  This idea of cloning goes against different books and movies such as The Island and Never Let Me Go that insinuate that clones have unique personalities, and that disposition is not “clone-able”, and that personality traits are developed through nurture, not through nature. Granted, this dog has the same genetic makeup as the first dog did, and is being raised in the same home with the same people, so maybe an exact copy of the animal is not altogether out of the question.

This example of a cloned animal is not for a family, or meant to be a pet, but meant as some kind of genetic anomaly. In the clip they discuss the cloned glow in the dark cat as an aide to working on the genetic code of animals, which could someday help endangered animal protection. However, the caretakers of the glow in the dark cat don’t say why or how this cat helps with the problem, and it seems to just be kind of a “freak show” idea at the moment, as a cloned cat put on exhibition on the morning news surely is.

Stephanie Mills


~ by vandysteph on February 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “How much would you pay???”

  1. My dog passed away earlier this year after a nice, long happy life. I can only speak for myself but I would not want to clone her. For one, what would I call her? By the original’s name? That would be a little strange.

    Part of the benefit of pets is that it teaches youngsters some responsibility and also allows for the child to learn about death. I’ve had fish die, gerbils, and now a dog. It is a part of life and to clone the pet, would take away this lesson from the child who had grown so close to the animal.

    I think part of the owners’ claims that the dog is exactly like their dog is wishful thinking. Just as identical twins end up differently while being raised in the same environment, it’s hard to imagine that the clone of a dog would turn out to be the same. All it would take was one bad experience with a car to spook the dog into never coming back outside.

    However, I am very pro-Glow In The Dark Cat. No more flashlights for me!

    -Matt P.

  2. As for the dog, of course they would claim that the dog walked and acted like their original dog. Hell, they paid $155,000 for it – so even if the dog acted differently than their original dog, they would never admit it. As for the cat, that is just flat out ridiculous, and serves no purpose whatsoever. While they’re at it, lets engineer a chicken with 8 wings… because who doesn’t love chicken wings? This is why we haven’t found a cure for AID’s – these scientists need to stop dicking around and do something productive.

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