Not a Superbowl commercial, but interesting enough…

In class today we briefly talked about organ donations and prolonging life and last week I randomly saw the following commercial. It reminded me of the jeans/genes commercial our class watched the first day of the semester. Check it out:

So what is this Mfoundation?

I went looking – Mfoundation stands for Methuselah Foundation. Methuselah is a biblical character and was a descendant of Adam. It is said lived to be about 1000 years old. So, Mfoundation is funding projects in the study of prolonging life. They even have a contest going to see how long people can keep mice alive.

It seems that their major project is this organ printing:

I’ve heard about 3D printing in my engineering classes, but never printing with human tissue. At face value is sounds reasonable with a dash of science fiction. I can’t help but think would the tissues that were “printed” really be as strong as regular tissue? Specifically, in the instance of a heart, which is made of muscle; muscle tone is something that needs to be developed, it can’t be printed in as far as I can imagine. Which is not very far, I’ll be honest. I guess what really gets me is the nauseatingly tacky names for the components: ‘biopaper’? ‘bioink’? Good god, give me a break.

If you wanna see more, search Methuselah Foundation on You’ll get all of these commercials and lectures from their founder, so Dave Gobel (who says he’s 2 years old….) and from his friend, Aubrey de Grey, who has a crazy beard. But watch out, you will get inundated with donation requests to help them fend off aging.
– Maggie D.

~ by insomniac on February 16, 2010.

One Response to “Not a Superbowl commercial, but interesting enough…”

  1. I haven’t heard of this company or printing human tissue. Its an interesting concept and I totally agree with you about how strong would they be.

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