Why clone?

In the not so distant future, I can see scientists being able to perfect the art of therapeutic cloning or embryonic cloning. By being able to create human organs in a lab, the wait for organ donors and transplants will not be that long. Many lives will be saved and many more will be extended for countless of years.

Another possibility for cloning to get organs for transplants is to clone entire humans to use their organs as transplants.  But, as always, morality is one of the first issues that we run into. Is it humane to use clones as insurance plans (like in The Island)? If we were to start cloning humans, then would we give them the same rights as humans? They are basically the same as humans; they are just created differently. When asked whether I would take an organ from a clone specially created to be an organ donor, I immediately thought, “Yes, why not?” But after actually being able to meet the clones and talk to them, would my decision stay the same? I thought that there would be nothing wrong with it because they would be just like other organ donors. And then I thought of all of the people that are waiting on organ transplants to save their lives, and I realized that if I was in that position I would be willing to take an organ from a clone. But it still leaves the morality issue. I think that it would be better to develop therapeutic cloning instead of human cloning. I feel like clones are basically human, and eventhough humans survival instincts will take over when our lives are threaten, killing another human or a clone of a human would still be inhumane. Which leaves me with my main question, if we don’t clone humans for organ donor purposes, then what is the exact purpose of cloning humans? What would we do with the clones? Why not just settle for cloning organs?



~ by Tennant on February 14, 2010.

One Response to “Why clone?”

  1. I think that you would be right in saying that there would be no purpose in cloning complete human beings. In today’s world, millions of people are starving/without clean water/and/or living in the most dire of circumstances. Unequal distribution of resources has not helped the situation either. Having clones and increasing the human population would just increase the problems we have in providing all humans with the necessities and rights for survival.

    To an extent, I feel that cloning in the books/movies we’ve watched so far are just to keep it interesting. I don’t think much of a plot could be made from talking organs trying to keep us from using them. On a realistic note, there is a desire in the scientific realm to clone humans, if not for anything else, for the sake of knowledge and scientific discovery– to just know that we can. It makes me think of why we invest billions to trillions of dollars in NASA and why there was such an intense race to put a man on the moon. Do these have direct impacts on helping humanity. Nope, not really.

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