To clone, or not to clone? That is still my question…

When I was considering the idea about taking an organ from a cloned person, I spent quite a bit of time arguing back and forth with myself. Would I? Would I not? What if it was one of my children that needed an organ? What if it was my child that was cloned? Anyway, I did my best to answer my own questions but all of my answers seemed to contradict the previous ones. My point is this: I was unable to come up with a solid conclusion on my own, but I’m hoping to get some insight from others that might push me off the fence.

My immediate answer to the question was yes; of course I would take an organ from a cloned person. If I was dying and needed and organ, most likely I wouldn’t care where in the world it came from (as long as it was human…but that’s another argument).  If this organ was indeed from a clone – I justified to myself – it’s not as if I would be treating them as subhuman…but I would be actually. It’s at this point that my argument begins to fall apart. I would most definitely be treating this person as subhuman – this body, this life would simply be a farm that I used to save my own. What could be more selfish than that? And if you could somehow prove to me that this clone had a soul, as in Never Let Me Go, than that would only make the decision even more horrendous.  It makes me wonder if Madame and Miss Emily were only making the situation worse when they tried to convince the general public that we should treat clones as humans. I would be less likely to accept an organ if I knew that someone had been killed for it (or at least that’s what I tell myself, though if Matt’s right then I probably wouldn’t think twice about taking it – and my entire argument is futile).

So, in an effort to combat my confusion I offer up a feeble alternative: take my skin cells or my own embryos and clone me an organ that is an exact genetic match to my body with no chance of rejection, and no need for immunosuppressant drugs. I know science isn’t quite there yet, but I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect research to catch up to this point one day. This way I would be the clone and I would be offering up my own body voluntarily.

-Emily Bain


~ by bainej on February 14, 2010.

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