Organ Assembly Lines

An assembly line: interchangeable parts mechanically forced together to manufacture a commercialized product.  Every second, a mass produced item on this line is completed, boxed, and shipped. Imagine that this manufactured good is a human clone. This living, breathing product’s sole purpose is to harvest its organ crops for its counterpart.

Harvested Organs

This is what part of the scientific community is supporting. They are potentially attempting to eliminate disease and death in society. By creating these clones, however, they’re killing live humans for the good of others. They are indirectly in favor of purposeful societal death.

I believe we have reached a level of selfishness in society. Although science has reached this level, how far are we willing to go before we say, “This is too far”. We have made puns, such as the movie Multiplicity and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, to peer into the distant future at what could eventually be.

Attack of the Clones

I do not believe that is morally justifiable to create an equivalent of ourselves to live a few years longer. Think of the life that clone could have had if we weren’t selfishly butchering them for our own purposes.  Hopefully in the near future, there will not be mass produced humans for our egotistical purposes.


Human Cloning Video:

~ by katherinennelson on February 12, 2010.

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