The Tay Sachs section scared me. Should I get genetic testing before I have a child? What if you’re married and you discover both you and your partner are carriers for a genetic disease? Do you opt for adoption or do you risk having children? Do couples break up over this news? It’s sad and scary.

Tay Sachs disease is mindboggling. How can something so tiny as an incorrect letter, have such prodigious consequences? It’s a miracle we’re all walking around today.

Along the same line, Cystic Fibrosis is another devastating disease. A boy, a few years older than me, had cystic fibrosis in my high school. He was on the football team. The teachers and students loved him. He died when he was in his early twenties after a kidney transplant. I remember the whole school raised money so that he could have the surgery. It was a tragedy when he died and the whole community mourned the loss of such a beautiful soul.

Science is making great strides every day to unravel the mysteries which surround us. From the tiniest quarks to the most gargantuan stars, there are unfathomable connections that underlie all we see and know.

Laura Young


~ by younglj2 on February 1, 2010.

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